Gaming aging

Longevity at scale

The topic of longevity interventions is controversial in some circles and entirely run of the mill in others. Part of that stems from what’s meant by ‘longevity’ in any given context.

This newsletter’s primary focus is on longevity interventions that slow or delay typical age-associated biological decline. These will also delay or prevent age-associated morbidities (disease) and, thus, increase lifespan.

Gaming aging is organized into three streams. In last mile, I delve into delivering longevity interventions at scale. In sandbox, I probe the options for both measuring and tweaking biological health. In geroscience, I discuss key scientific studies from an end user perspective.

The ‘gaming’ in Gaming aging refers both to strategically cheating biological aging processes, and to gamifying the implementation of that strategy. If scaling up means people will get to live healthier, disease-free, longer lives, the adoption strategy deserves attention. My bet is on widely accessible and intuitive.